-1. When do I need to hire a licensed contractor?
A contractor’s license is required: - for any project where the labor and material costs exceeds $1,000 - for any project that requires a building permit. An electrician’s or plumber’s license may also be required for any electrical or plumbing work on your project.
-2. Do all jobs require a building permit?
Building Permits Are Required When: - Erect, construct, alter, remove or demolish any building or structure (including fences, retaining walls and swimming pools) - For any electrical or plumbing work that is greater than $500 in a 12 month period - To construct or alter any sidewalk, curb or driveway in public rights of way Building Permits Are Not Required When: - When any electrical or plumbing work is done by a licensed contractor and the value of the work is less than $500 in a 12 month period - Curbs, planter boxes, retaining walls and fences which are not more than 30″ in height - Individual residential TV and radio antennas excluding dish-type antennas - Painting, cabinet work, roofing (residential properties) and floor covering - Tool and storage sheds not exceeding 120 sq. ft. as accessories to dwellings - Repairs using similar or same materials for the purpose of maintenance and which are not more than $1,000 in valuation in any 12 month period and do not affect any electrical and plumbing work.
-3. Do I have to get the permit myself?
No. United Pacific Builders’ staff will coordinate with the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) to ensure the proper permits are acquired for your project. This service is part of signing a contract with United Pacific Builders LLC. Our staff may need some documentation from you in order to finalize the permit process. Typically this is house plans.
-4. Do I need an architect? 
UPB has a team of designers and architects that work hand in hand with you to ensure that the ideas you have in your head are translated onto paper and turned into a reality.
-5. Does United Pacific Builders LLC. have an electrical or plumbing license?
No, however United Pacific Builders LLC. has great relationships with many licensed plumbers and electricians. UPB LLC. will coordinate your projects needs with these contractors and there is no extra hassle for you.
-6. Is United Pacific Builders LLC. licensed, bonded and insure?
Yes. United Pacific Builders LLC, is licensed, bonded and insured in accordance with the requirements set forth by Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA). For more information regarding licensing you can visit: Hawaii State Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
-7. What license does United Pacific Builders LLC. hold?
United Pacific Builders LLC. holds a B-General Building License. We have held this license since January 18th 2011.
-8. What type of services do you offer?
UPB Services
-9. What do you specialize in? 
The staff members of United Pacific Builders LLC. have a vast knowledge if all types of construction, but we specialize in framing structures. We pride ourselves on creating space for people needing more room. From decks, enclosures, additions, or brand new houses we love building stuff.
-10. What are the advantages with working with United Pacific Builders LLC. ?
UPB can offer is the experience we bring to the table. We have 20+ years in all aspects of construction. UPB also has a team of quality craftsman who pride themselves on their workmanship. Maintaining a timely and efficient schedule is another perk working with UPB. We have project managers on the job daily to ensure the job is running smoothly and is moving forward. Lastly and most important, UPB cares. Our customer service is second to none and we go out of our way to see that our client gets the most out of their experience at a budget they can afford.
-11. Do you have financing options?
At this time United Pacific Builders LLC. does not offer financing options, but hopes to offer this to our potential clients in the future.
-12. What ROI can I expect to receive on my project?
Return on Investment (ROI) can vary from year to year and depend on your geographical location. The staff at United Pacific Builders LLC. like to utilize this site to get the most up-to-date cost vs. value of home projects.
Remodeling: Cost Vs. Value Tool
-13. What is the typical job timeline like?
Job timelines vary based on the demands and extent of the project, however the preliminary process for most projects remain the same and is as follows: ( Remodel and Renovation Worksheet ) Once the prelimary process is complete the job completion time provided in your contract will be your best guideline.